Last week (first week of June 2016), the South Australian Government led a business delegation through Vietnam.

For information on the visiting businesses, including contact details and what, specifically, each business was seeking, click onto Vietnam Business Booklet.

The following information has been reproduced from the opening two pages of the Vietnam Business Booklet.


South Australia has a lot going for it and so much to offer investors.

365体育官方网址It is home to abundant natural and renewable energy resources, premium agribusiness, food and wine, excellent infrastructure, a highly educated and skilled workforce, and a pro-growth taxation and regulatory regime.

South Australia has the capability and technology to build submarines and surface ships, as part of a defence industry that dates back almost 100 years.

365体育官方网址Its capital city of Adelaide, is one of the most cultured, easy to live in and low-cost cities on the planet.

Adelaide boasts top quality universities and a range of world-class research and enterprise hubs. These include the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, part of the largest bio-medical city in the southern hemisphere, the Tonsley innovation district and the Northern Adelaide Food Park.

365体育官方网址Investment Attraction South Australia aims to assist overseas companies to establish operations in South Australia, connecting them to potential business partners and simplifying their dealings with Government.

South Australia’s relationship with Vietnam

South Australia has a strong historic connection and a long-standing cultural and commercial relationship with South East Asia.

The following opportunities have been identified for South Australia’s involvement in Vietnam’s development:

  • Provision of innovative agribusiness products and technology
  • Supply of processed foods and agricultural commodities
  • Involvement with infrastructure/construction projects and the provision of associated services and technologies
  • Involvement with energy and resources projects and the provision of associated services and technologies
  • Providing education and training in and outside the count

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To download the original file, click onto Vietnam Business Booklet.



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